Subsurface Investigations, Foundation Engineering Design and Consulting, Slope Stability and Retaining Structures, Foundation and Earthwork Inspection, Dam Analysis and Design, Excavation Analysis and Design, Geophysical Investigations and Interpretation, Earth Instrumentation, Seismic Hazard Analysis, Groundwater Control/Dewatering Studies

Soil Field Density (Compaction) Testing, Laboratory Soil Testing, Proofrolling and Subgrade Inspections, Shallow and Deep Foundation Inspections, Fireproofing Inspection, Concrete Sampling and Strength Testing, Structural Steel Inspection, Erosion Control Monitoring, Asphalt Pavement Construction QA/QC

Phase I and Phase II Site Assessments and Record Searches and Reviews, Soil and Groundwater Contamination Assessments, Conceptual and Final Remedial Action Plan and Specification Development, Design Criteria for Rapid and Slow Rate Land Disposal Systems, Underground Storage Tank (UST) Compliance and Management Consulting, Groundwater and Contaminant Transport Modeling, Contract Management and Oversight of Remedial Action Implementation, Landfill Hydrogeologic Assessments and Gas/Groundwater Monitoring Plans

Georgia - NPDES General Permit Inspections, Storm Water Runoff Collection and Testing, Rain Event Monitoring, etc., Remote Sensing and Geophysical Surveys, Geologic Reconnaissance and Mineral Resources Investigations, Production Well Design, Technical Oversight and Management of Well Installation, Hydrogeologic Studies, Groundwater Exploration and Water Supply Development Studies, Pumping Tests, Dam, Levee, and Impoundment Siting and Design Studies

GeoSystems offers an extensive array of geotechnical investigation and consulting services. Our personnel have experience working on hundreds of geotechnical and construction testing projects in Georgia, as well as projects in other areas of the United States and overseas. As a small company, we can be flexible to meet our clients’ needs, yet our staff has the depth and variety of experience that is typically found only in larger firms. The following are brief descriptions of geotechnical services that we provide.