Hydrogeologic Studies
Investigate and document location, direction, and fluctuation of groundwater over micro or macro scales. GeoSystems can accurately describe groundwater conditions over a small or large scale project site. Installation of small diameter piezometers for the short-term, or larger, lockable monitoring wells provides accurate, reliable groundwater levels that can be used to construct potentiometric maps and flow diagrams. Long-term monitoring wells are durable and easy to protect and will show fluctuations of groundwater over time.

Geologic Reconnaissance and Mineral Resources Investigation
GeoSystems can tailor subsurface investigations to location of mineral deposits and abundance of minerals. Our investigation can be very helpful in determining the suitability of sites for mining activity or suitability of previous mine sites for development.

Dam, Levee, and Impoundment Siting and Design Studies
These studies determine the suitability of locations for earthen dams of various sizes. Studies include the design of supporting hydraulic waterways such as spillways and emergency spillways for flood control, as well as earthen dams of various sizes. GeoSystems is also capable of dam safety engineering and investigations for dam rehabilitation.

Earth Sciences & Water Resources
Earth Sciences and Water Resources is a broad field that often borders on geotechnical and environmental engineering. The topics listed below are examples of services that GeoSystems can provide in this area.