Environmental Site Assessments
Perform all aspects of Phase I and Phase II site assessments and required or requested record searches and reviews. GeoSystems has performed many such assessments and is capable of a well-organized assessment report in a very timely manner.

Contaminated Soil and Groundwater Sampling and Evaluation
GeoSystems' soil investigations can include procedures for sampling and evaluation of contaminated soils. We are familiar with evaluations requiring decontamination and unique sample collection procedures.

Groundwater Contamination Monitoring
Monitoring of seeping or deep contaminated groundwater usually includes installation and sampling of monitoring wells and analyzing collected samples for single or multiple target contaminants. GeoSystems has experience on large project sites with various types of monitoring wells installed at various depths.

Landfill Assessment
GeoSystems is familiar with requirements for planning new and expanding existing landfill areas. These activities may require a substantial amount of data collection and report writing. We are very familiar with data required for landsite-suitability reports and can collect and report such data in a well organized manner.

Land Application Systems
Application of by-product water or waste water or sludge requires a comprehensive study of the target site and determination of land application rates. We have extensive experience with measuring hydraulic conductivity rates of flow limiting soil layers. Geosystems currently uses the Compact Constant-Head Permeameter (CCHP) to measure hydraulic conductivity in-situ. The device is light-weight, very portable and effective on any terrain and does not require any pre-drilling or well installation.

Environmental Engineering
GeoSystems is capable of providing environmental engineering services in conjunction with our construction and geotechnical services or as a seperable entity. The state of the existing environment surrounding a project site often influences geotechnical engineering and construction practices. GeoSystems can provide a variety of environmental services including those decribed below.