Preliminary Siting Studies
GeoSystems can assist in evaluating the feasibility of constructing a project on a specific site. Initially, this can consist of a review of published geologic and soil information and a site reconnaissance. Additional site-specific information can be obtained through a preliminary subsurface exploration consisting of soil test borings and/or geophysical exploration.

Geotechnical Subsurface Explorations
GeoSystems obtains subsurface information and evaluates this information relative to foundation design and earthwork construction. Explorations incorporate field and laboratory testing programs to allow development of geotechnical design recommendations. GeoSystemsí personnel have performed geotechnical explorations for commercial and public buildings (low to high rise), stadiums, industrial facilities, water/wastewater treatment facilities, harbor structures, dams, and golf course developments.

Foundation Analysis and Design
GeoSystems assists our clients in developing cost-effective, technically-appropriate foundation systems for their projects. We are experienced in evaluating both shallow and deep foundation systems for a wide variety of geologic conditions. Analyses that we routinely perform include bearing capacity, settlement, lateral load capacity, and uplift capacity. For certain types of projects we can also perform the foundation structural design.

Earth Retaining Structure Analysis
GeoSystems can develop design parameters for earth retaining and bracing systems. Analyses include lateral earth pressure distribution and global stability. GeoSystems also performs design of temporary and permanent excavation support structures. We can also analyze and design mechanically stabilized earth retention systems.

Earthwork Consulting
GeoSystems has the experience and expertise to solve earthwork-related problems for our clients. Such issues may include site dewatering and drainage, soil stabilization, and slope stability.

Dam Analysis and Design
We provide recommendations for dam embankment configuration, foundation support and preparation, seepage control and instrumentation. Our dam experience ranges from small retention structures to large high-hazard dams. We are very familiar with requirements of the Georgia Safe Dams Program and have worked with their staff on many projects.

Failure Investigation
Occasionally, GeoSystemsí staff has been called upon to investigate the cause of geotechnical related failures. In such cases, we attempt to use our expertise to efficiently determine the cause of a problem and to recommend reasonable solutions to repair it, if warranted. Our staff has investigated excessive structural settlement, dam and embankment failures, retaining wall failures, and failure of storm water and water supply systems.

Seismic Risk Evaluation
GeoSystems can assist with the evaluation of site-specific seismic risk. We are familiar with building code requirements and can develop site seismic design criteria. We can also perform liquefaction analyses.

Geotechnical Engineering
Geotechnical engineering is extremely important when determining design and performance criteria for foundations and site earthworks. GeoSystems provides intricate geotechnical engineering services over a broad range of topics. The following are brief descriptions of geotechnical services we provide.